professional work

Here’s a small sample of what I do as a personal finance journalist:

A Debt Collector Came After Me for $36 of Girl Scout Cookies I Didn’t Even Buy
» MarketWatch

Higher Student Loan Rates Take Effect in July. Here’s How It Will Affect Borrowers
» CBS News

Americans Are Dying With an Average of $62K of Debt
» ABC News

This Man’s 2-Mile Ambulance Ride Cost $2,700. Is That Normal?
» USA Today

The FAFSA Is Changing. Here’s What You Need to Know
» MarketWatch

Can You Really Get Your Student Loans Forgiven?

My Mom Billed Me $1,000 for Being a Jerk
» USA Today

A Student’s Dilemma: Getting Into a Dream School You Can’t Afford
(part one in a seriespart two)
» Yahoo! Finance

Can You Pay for Pot on Credit?
» Yahoo! Finance

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