a note to myself before an ironman

Hey there.

I know you’re nervous about racing your first Ironman tomorrow — why wouldn’t you be? It’s going to be a grueling day, full of physical and mental challenges, and athletes in far better physical shape than you have failed to finish this distance. Things happen. It’s a long race. There’s a lot you can’t control. But no matter what happens tomorrow, you have a lot to be proud of. When things get hard tomorrow, think of them:

  • You trained a full six months for this. Long weekends. Early mornings. Two-a-days. That’s a significant commitment on its own, not to be overshadowed by whatever happens tomorrow.
  • As a result of all that training, you finally learned how to do a flip turn in the pool. I never thought that day would come.
  • And hey, you’re a faster swimmer now, too. That swim PR in June was pretty fantastic.
  • You know what else you got better at? Climbing. You’re still not very good at it, but man, you really used to suck at hills.
  • You’ve gotten stronger all around, really. That four-story walk up to your apartment is a piece of cake these days (though it’s going to suck next week).
  • Unfortunately, you’re still a very average runner, but you’re going into this healthy and strong, so that’s something to be happy about.

So have fun out there. Take in the scenery when you need to relax. Soak up the energy from the spectators, your incredible support crew and everyone else taking on this challenge with you.  Finally, enjoy pursuing what you’ve worked for, and remember how much you’ve accomplished already.

Go get it.



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