procrastination at its finest

THE KITCHEN COUNTER // BROOKLYN — things I have done today to put off my 16-mile run

  1. sleep in past noon
  2. download iOS 10
  3. wash dishes
  4. groom my dog
  5. watch a football game between two teams I don’t care about
  6. shop on Amazon
  7. fill an Amazon Pantry box (unreasonably time consuming, therefore a perfect procrastination activity)
  8. drink coffee — for two hours
  9. FaceTime my family
  10. save and organize photos from vacation
  11. wash dishes I had dirtied since washing dishes four hours ago
  12. switch all the towels in the apartment
  13. unsubscribe from an array of email lists
  14. change running outfit

And now I’m at the point that I have to leave now, otherwise I actually won’t have time to get this run in today.

A job well done.

[image: last week’s long run. obviously, i don’t have a photo from this week’s long run because i haven’t done it yet.]


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