‘good morning’

[think kit. day twenty-three.] BROWN LINE // CHICAGO — To those around me on the train, I may have looked a little odd. It was rush hour, standing room only during my evening commute, and I couldn’t stop smiling.

I was listening to a podcast. It was short. No flowery narration. Yet it was one of those true stories you’re happy to know exists, because it makes the world around you seem a little less like the hectic power struggle it often feels like.

The story comes from “Everything Sounds,” which a friend got me into a while ago. This episode centers around Marvin (not my dog), a man who has stood on the same corner in Chicago’s Loop every day for 6 years, bidding passersby a good morning. Why? Because it makes him happy.

I loved listening to Marvin talk about why he likes to stand on his corner and greet people, and I’d really like to go see him some morning. This podcast is only 10 minutes long: Let Marvin make you smile today.

[think kit. dec. 23 prompt: You’ve ranted. You’ve raved. You’ve freestyled, soapboxed, and even waved a magic wand or two. Today, let’s keep it positive. Who (or what) is doing something good? Share a story of your positive action, whether it’s a favorite charity, foundation, or nonprofit – or just an individual whose penchant for do-goodery makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.]

{image: screen shot of Marvin from everythingsounds.org}


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