cloudy skies ahead

[think kit. day twenty.] MY BED // CHICAGO — Everything is uncertain. Plans are a hopeful set of guidelines. Most questions exist in a circle, answers leading to more questions, until we’ve forgotten what we’re trying to figure out in the first place.

That’s my way of saying I don’t know who I’m going to be. Not yet.

I know who I am.

A daughter. Sister. Wife. Aunt. Writer. Puppy mom. Athlete. Cyclist. Health nut. Personal finance enthusiast. Journalist. Chicagoan. Adventurer. Talker. Napper. Vegetarian. DePauw graduate. Experimental cook. Crafter. Creative. Dreamer. Reader. Wanderer. Hoodie-wearer. Chocolate addict. Friend. Et cetera.

But in five years? Sure, many of the same things apply. I think ‘Mom’ will be on that list (of the human variety, not just dogs), but there’s so much else up in the air. Even if I planned the next 20 years of my life, filling a sheet of paper with a list of practical ambitions, I could end up achieving none of them and still be perfectly happy.

It’s weird how much we plan, knowing how little control we have over the future. I guess that’s what’s on my mind today. I don’t have a clear vision of where I’m headed, but I’m pleased with my progress and trajectory, so far. I suppose I’ll continue to forge ahead with optimism and enthusiasm, blindly marching into the foggy mystery that is my future. Why not?

[think kit. dec. 20 prompt: It’s true, we like you a lot – but let’s be noncommittal for now. It’s okay to be unsure! What are you on the fence about? Dig into the meat of both sides. Is it a big deal? A minor quibble? Are you leaning one way…or is the extended forecast just one big gray area? Yes – we’re telling you not to make up your mind!]

{image: an overcast afternoon on the shores of a Great Lake. —New Buffalo, Michigan, November 2014—}


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