the obligatory blog post about music

[think kit. day nineteen] NEXTSPACE // CHICAGO — Ah, yes, there’s always a blog post about music or some lyrics reference. Every blog has one.

That’s not a bad thing. Some people pull it off well. In many cases, it’s a beautiful piece of blended artwork.

That does not happen here. I find my lack of taste in and knowledge of music disappointing. I can’t quite identify what makes me like certain songs, because the enjoyment sort of happens to me — I hear something, I like it, and that’s about as much time as I spend thinking about it. I have many friends who are musicians, and I wish I could digest music in the deep, thoughtful, exciting way they do.

I have a few quirks when it comes to music: I don’t listen to music when I work out, unless it’s in a class. I love a good instrumental. My favorite type of writing music is a movie soundtrack. (I spent the entirety of my job at The New York Times editing to the Harry Potter soundtracks. I own them all.) There’s this piece I discovered on a Spotify playlist (of instrumentals and soundtrack selections) that absolutely mesmerized me, and I listened to it on repeat for a whole work week.

I also love Taylor Swift. There was a night not too long ago when some friends and I were coming back from a karaoke bar, and MW started blasting T.Swift from his iPhone. I sang and danced to it the whole way home.

At the same time, I don’t like everything. MW can attest to that, because I’ve often told him to skip whatever track he’s playing on his computer, even when I haven’t heard it enough to be sick of it.Then, there’s country music. I hate it. Going to school in rural Indiana solidified my distaste for it, and there are very, very few country songs I enjoy.

As far as my 2014 soundtrack goes, it has many elements: Random stuff I find on Spotify. Coffee shop chatter. My favorite podcasts.Lots of dog barking (both from Marvin and all the other crazy doges in our building). ‘How I Met Your Mother’ on Netflix in the background at our apartment, most weeknights. The creativity-generated buzz at my coworking spaces.

But mostly, I’ve been listening to ‘Blank Space’ on repeat.

[think kit. dec. 19 prompt: Strike up the band – what was the soundtrack to your year? Was it the music you listened to the most? A certain song that kept reappearing, or worse…that you couldn’t get away from? Or maybe it wasn’t music at all – maybe a podcast, voice, performance, or significant sound played over-and-over. Whatever you heard: we’re all ears!]

{image: screenshot of Spotify’s browse section. the ‘Focus’ mood is one of my favorites to explore.}


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