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[think kit. day sixteen] MY BED // CHICAGO — So many things stand out to me among the headlines of 2014.

Ebola. Race tensions in the U.S. A barrage of cyberattacks on U.S. companies. ISIS. The Israel-Palestine war. The Malaysia Airlines incidents. Ukraine, Russia and the global response to what’s happening there. U.S. elections. Cuba.

There’s more, of course. I could write more about the news events of 2014 and how they affected me, but that sounds kind of boring. Instead, I’ll share some news coverage that stands out from the last few months — some global news and some obscure local pieces — in the hope that the stories stay with you, too.

Ebola Ambulance” by Ben C. Solomon, The New York Times

The Lost Bones” by Ben Montgomery, Tampa Bay Times

Addicted Nurses” by Patricia Borns, News Leader

[think kit. dec 16 prompt: Take a moment to dip into the deep well of the past year’s 24-hour news cycle. What world event moved you this year? What story, series, or moment fascinated you? Made you scratch your head? Brought you to the edge of tears…or past the edge of your seat? Did an outside perspective change the way you felt, or make you take action? Share the headline(s) that resonated with you.]

{image: a snapshot of my training as a newsperson — me and two of my nine classmates during the 2011 Dow Jones News Fund residency at Temple University. Credit goes to one of the Sarahs who led us through (and photographed) the week of little sleep and many pop quizzes.}


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