nineteen finish lines

[think kit. day fifteen] MY COUCH // CHICAGO — My running shoes carried me across 19 finish lines in three states in 2014. I did six triathlons and 13 running races, covering 233 miles of land and water. I got to do 10 of those races with the ever-speedy Matt Welch, ran six with my sister, and received race support from Mama DiGang at eight.

There’s so much about those numbers that makes me happy (notice how I didn’t calculate the amount of money I paid in race fees). I love swimming, biking and running. I love racing. I love spending time with my family. I love sharing my enthusiasm for health and fitness with people I care about. Movement drives my happiness.

Look for similar (but bigger) numbers in 2015.

[think kit. dec. 15 prompt: Time to get mathematical – and yes, you may use a calculator. Was there a significant number in your year? A birthday? A first? A personal record? A date now carved in the annals of time? A number that represents a streak, whether winning or losing, good or bad? A bellwether or a lagging indicator or just…three.]

{image: #awkwardtriathlete}


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