[think kit. day twelve.] MY BED // CHICAGO — If I could change anything about the last year, it would involve staying up till 2 a.m. doing all sorts of crafty, interesting things and waking up at 4:45 for a morning workout with plenty of time for a splendid breakfast before work starts at 7:30.

Alas, humans aren’t made to function on such little sleep, so that’s just a sad little daydream of mine. I suppose the boring (i.e. realistic) version of that is to say I wish I went to bed earlier.

I realize my sleep schedule is an odd recurring theme on this blog. My strategy is to write about it so much I annoy myself to the point of waking up on time on a regular basis.

Dream big, people.

[think kit. dec. 12 prompt: We’ve put another quarter in the slot – free play! Hit the reset button on a moment this year: what would you do over? Whether or not you analyze your actions – how would you act differently? Would the outcomes shift, or stay the same? From a single sentence to a whole day (and everything in-between), feel free to explain your choice, from how you felt immediately after the moment passed, to any thoughts that ran through your mind beforehand. Take a mulligan!]

{image: Marvin dislikes normal sleep schedules, too. Marvin is also a dog. An unemployed dog. So…}


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