nothing interesting is happening

[think kit. day ten.] MY BED // CHICAGO — I’ve held onto this prompt for a week, determined to think of a good, strange story to tell. I mean, most people close to me would say I’m an odd individual, so tales of weirdness should be easy to come by.

Apparently not. That or my brain has been functioning at low levels recently. It’s 12:52 a.m. Monday. I can’t sleep. I’m giving up on my plan of responding to Think Kit prompts without actually writing about Think Kit and will just write whatever comes to mind.

I like writing from bed, on my phone, but I always lose circulation in my hands after about 10 minutes. It kills the novelty of writing in bed.

Generally, I describe myself as an organized person. I’m detail-oriented. I like to fill my schedule beyond reasonable capacity. For some reason that seems at odds with the things I just wrote, I suck at sticking to routines. I like routines. I’m just not good with them. I’m productive, but not in a “This is exactly how my days go” sort of way.

I felt like expressing that. I have nothing more to say on the topic.

It’s 1 a.m. Ideally, I’m up at 4:45 and in the gym by 5, but that sounds unpleasant. If I choose to “sleep in,” I actually only get another hour of rest, which is hardly an improvement on the previously described plan. None of this gets me to work early, which would be nice. I could, of course, get up at 4:45 and get ready for work instead of going to the gym, but such an early start usually requires two breakfasts from me, and really, if I’m going to eat two breakfasts, I might as well exercise.

Hm. Still not tired. This doesn’t bode well for any of my morning options. Two breakfasts will be good, no matter how tired I am, so perhaps I should focus on that when my alarm goes off I a few short hours.

Most important: I’ve now responded to this prompt. Sort of. Whatever. Again, I think I’ll focus on the breakfast thing.

[think kit. dec. 10 prompt: Time to get weird. We want to hear your strangest story from the last year (or more). Will it make us raise an eyebrow or three? That’s what we want. Whether it’s a tale of colliding coincidences, a strange Saturday you just can’t shake, or if it makes you squirm just to remember: get weird.]

{image: Marvin’s expression perfectly captures my feeling of boredom before I started writing.}


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