in search of the magic alarm clock

[think kit. day seven] MY BED // CHICAGO — There has to be some secret to getting up early, on time, every day. I have not discovered it.

I’ve written about this before. I’m not a morning person.

I can fall asleep anywhere, anytime. Past nap-time locations include the mundane, like airplanes, trains, buses, beaches and parks, but airports, bathrooms, libraries, theaters, football stadiums and restaurants are on the list, too. Some of those may not seem weird, but I find the whole thing pretty bizarre.

I do not wish to have this ability to sleep on demand. I want the opposite: to wake at the the same time each day and follow the schedule of a morning person. If I could will away my daily desire to take a nap, I would make it so. As I lie here in bed, a rare pre-midnight bed time, my alarm clock sits across the room, set to wake me for an early morning workout. I believe I can start my day before dawn, as I have planned to do countless times, and I’m always shocked when it doesn’t happen. It doesn’t happen about 75% of the time.

This shouldn’t be a phenomenon. Waking up early shouldn’t be my life’s greatest challenge. Well, it is. It’s like I have Sleepy, that dwarf from Snow White, on my shoulder, constantly yawning — a perpetual request for five more minutes or a short break to rest my eyes.

Be gone, Sleepy. Be gone.

[think kit. dec. 7 prompt: Wave your magic wand – whoosh – what would you transform, create, or make disappear in 2015? Don’t be afraid to change the world, or merely alter the mundane. Just be prepared to defend your decision with reason, or irrational emotion!

Oh…this wand will self-destruct after a single use, so choose wisely!]


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