going carless in chicago

[think kit. day five.] CHICAGO-BOUND METRA — I’m heading back to the city after selling our car to my cousin. We’ve talked about going carless since we moved here, and after 5 months of dealing with the annoyance of paying for and parking a car in Chicago, we decided to get rid of it.

It feels good.

In February, we went from two cars to one, but that was when we lived in Indy. I walked to work, but MW still had a half-hour commute each way. Even reducing the family fleet by half was a huge relief. We had fewer expenses. I walked and rode my bike more frequently. It was a nice change.

Living without a car will be a challenge, and we carefully considered those future obstacles before deciding to sell. It’s not for everyone, but for two people who hate driving, live in a huge city and can take trains or buses everywhere we would otherwise drive (including to visit out-of-state family), it’s a good option. We’ll learn a lot, I’m sure, after making this change, but I’m up for it.


For anyone curious about how we went about selling the car, I’m writing a piece on it for work. It’ll be up on blog.credit.com next week.

[think kit. dec. 5 prompt: What did you say goodbye to this year? Was it a bad habit? A ’94 hatchback? Or something less tangible? How did you feel the day after? The week after?

Or! What did you say hello to this year? Did it enrich your life…or detract? A new favorite possession? A tattoo? Did you decide that your life was missing something, or did you just fall into new-ness?


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