tips for overly ambitious human beings

[think kit. day four.] THE BROWN LINE // CHICAGO — I received a lot of great advice in the last year. I’m not sure why. Maybe I’m someone who looks like she needs it — or my conversation skills are so great that I draw out others’ tidbits of wisdom without them noticing.

It doesn’t matter. It’s interesting to think about what prompts advice, though. What even counts as advice? I take note of when people say smart things I wish I had thought of myself, and if it causes me to change my behavior or at least think about doing things differently, well, what they said was advice, right?

Again, not important. Back to listing some of those great pieces of advice/ conversations/blog posts/random comments I’ve apparently attached too much meaning to:

» “Prioritize by looking at your actions, not listing your ideals.” What you do shows what your real priorities are, and if you don’t like the way they are, you have to shake things up. That takes commitment and action. It’s harder than listing things on a piece of paper and saying, “These are my priorities,” but it’s also much more informative and meaningful.

» “Practice your passion.” Read this great post written by a great friend of mine.

» “You can’t give a fuck about what everyone thinks.” You will never make everybody happy. You’ll be unhappy trying.

» “Make it a lifestyle.” If you have a huge goal you’re trying to accomplish, weave it into the fabric of your daily routine. It’s more than just an item on a checklist, so treat it that way.

These comments, from friends and family, are a few I thought were worth sharing. They’ve certainly helped me.

[think kit. dec. 4 prompt: Whether you asked for it – or not – what good advice did you get this year? Did it come from an unexpected source? Was it unsolicited, or did you need a word or two after an eventful day, week, or month? Has the advice changed the way you think about the world? Changed the way you think about your advisor? Changed the way you think about yourself? Changed the way you act? Can you distill the message and help the rest of us out, or is it too personal to be universal?]


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