local woman loses fitbit, ability to function

CHICAGO — Christine DiGangi’s Fitbit Flex, affectionately called the ‘bit, was lost Aug. 20 after nearly 8 months of loyal service. The Chicago resident first noticed the absence of the teal wristband (the flexible accessory with the noble task of cradling the ‘bit) late Wednesday morning, after arriving at work.

It was a tragic accident.

En route to her friend’s apartment, where DiGangi planned to work in silence after a few days of nonstop disturbances, courtesy of local menace Marvin Welch, she paused to confirm the address of her destination. After stopping her bicycle near a vacant curb, DiGangi removed her backpack to retrieve her phone. She was running late, therefore delaying her friend, so after noting the address, she whipped the pack to her back and continued down to block to the apartment.

Roughly an hour later, DiGangi pulled out her phone to enter some information into her Fitbit app. After an unusually long delay, the tracker wasn’t connecting. The screen said “Looking,” and DiGangi started doing so herself. She pulled up her sleeve and gasped — the ‘bit was gone. Only a tan line remained.


Only when she confirmed the little ‘bit was nowhere in the apartment did DiGangi think back to her temporary stop a few blocks down. The backpack had dislodged the ‘bit in the past, but she had previously noticed its absence immediately. It seems her protective instincts were clouded in a moment of haste, and the ‘bit must have tumbled into the gutter, unnoticed.

Attempts to recover her companion were futile.

“I don’t know how I’ll go on,” the distraught woman said after retracing her steps — no sad pun intended. “What’s the point of walking the dog, running along the lake, or pacing the apartment if I don’t get credit for it? I can’t bear the thought of plummeting in the 7-day Step standings.”

DiGangi is not expected to face charges of neglect in this case. Foul play isn’t suspected, either, as DiGangi’s top competitors in the Step count, Margaret D., Mary W. and Colby M. live in other states. Matt Welch, DiGangi’s husband and another top Stepper, was at work at the time of the incident.


h/t to Margaret Distler for this post idea. For an exceptionally entertaining take on Fitbit obsessions, I recommend David Sedaris (h/t Maddocks). 

note: it’s driving me nuts I can’t get the apostrophe to face the right way in ‘bit.


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