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[think kit. day thirty-one.]

SOMEWHERE, Ind. (on the Megabus between Chicago & Indianapolis) — In 2014, I will attend five weddings. Five sure-to-be beautiful celebrations for great friends and wonderful family members. It’ll be a worthwhile, crazy, travel-filled spring and summer.

This will be my fifth year as a triathlete. My niece turns 2 in September. I’ll be 25 tomorrow, and my dad celebrates 35 years as a small-business owner in May. I’ll round out another great year in Indianapolis, teach my dog to run with me and do more races than I ever have, picking up a few PRs along the way, I hope.

I’ll take another crack at urban gardening and continue to explore the world of vegetarian cooking. There will be many bike rides. I’ll write hundreds of stories, and I hope to throw a fair amount of thought-provoking features into the mix. I’ll drink at least 3,000 ounces of coffee, and I plan to have many great conversations as I do. Many of them will happen at the Speak Easy, no doubt, where I can’t wait to spend more time with good friends, meet new people and share dozens of ideas for making Indy an even better place to live than it already is.

And damn it, I am going to finish some scrapbooks. The amount of space my yet-to-be-scrapbooks take up in our spare room is RIDICULOUS. The plan is to wrap up my 2009 scrapbook this week. Of course, it has been a goal for the last three months, but I’m feeling good about this week.

More than anything, I’m happy to have things to look forward to. I’ll have more laughter-filled nights with my family, like I had Saturday. It’ll be another year with Matt (marriage year two, relationship year six) and Marvin, and that’s all sorts of happiness, right there.

And hey, look at that: I just finished my last Think Kit post. Perhaps I’ll actually do them all in 31 days this year. We shall see.

Cheers to 2014. (Note: That's not a real beer — it's a beer-shaped bank — but that's a real me, in 1989.)
Cheers to 2014. (Note: That’s not a real beer — it’s a beer-shaped bank — but that’s a real me, in 1989.)


[Think Kit Dec. 31 prompt: What are you looking forward to most about the next 365 days?]


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