[think kit. day twenty-eight.]

INDIANAPOLIS — I maintain a long list of people I don’t see enough. Fortunately, I saw them all at some point in 2013.

There’s my family, of course. They all live within a few minutes of each other, and I wish I could join them in my parents’ living room for Blackhawks games and homemade dinners, as they share so often.

My closest girlfriends live in different states — Iowa, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin — and I’m happy when we can get together for a shopping trip, coffee, drinks or a night watching movies at someone’s house. It doesn’t happen nearly enough.

I’m glad I had the chance to laugh with college friends whom I hadn’t seen since my wedding in 2012. We’re all over the place, some of us within a 3-hour drive from Indianapolis, but others are in Minnesota, Colorado and D.C. We exchange a lot of text messages, tweets and emails, and we’ll fit a Skype in here and there, but when we have those rare in-person encounters, I remember how much fun we had together week after week at DePauw. I miss being around them.

Last year was pretty good, as far as traveling and seeing old friends. I even made it out to Portland for the first time since I lived there in 2009, and reuniting with my closest friends from that summer made me happier than I had felt in a while. I have a lot of weddings to go to this summer, which will allow me to see a lot of these people again. If at the end of 2014 I ask myself if there’s anyone I wish I had seen, I hope I get to say I’ve hugged everyone I need to. It makes me happy to realize I did that in 2013.

Oregonian intern reunion, November 2013.
Oregonian intern reunion, November 2013.

[Think Kit Dec. 28 prompt: Write about someone you wanted to see this year but didn’t or couldn’t.]


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