talking to myself

[think kit. day twenty-one]

“Done is better than perfect.”

This saying comes from a friend and fellow perfectionist. We were having a drink as a going-away celebration of sorts (she’s moving to do bigger and better things), and she was talking about her outlook as she takes on her new adventures. She shared her two mantras for the year, and I decided to steal one.

As a writer, I know I can always improve my work, so marking something complete comes with waves of uncertainty, stress and self-doubt. Going through those emotions every day can’t be healthy, and this applies to more than writing: I’ll put off projects because I say I can’t so them well enough at that moment, even though I know the importance of making progress. Telling myself to strive for completion, rather than perfection, should help my productivity (and sanity).

Which brings me to mantra No. 2:

“I will be a champion.”

Note: In this mantra, champion is pronounced dramatically (chahm-pee-OWN) or, if I’m in a particularly enthusiastic mood, in Spanish. ¡Vamos campeones! Matt gets in on the champion action, too.

This started as a joke, when we got Fitbits for Christmas (love), and we started working toward new fitness goals. Near the end of a day, I wasn’t going to meet my 12,000-step goal, so I started running around the house saying, “I will be a champion. Champion!” I met my goal, and I wouldn’t stop saying “I am champion!”

It started to seep into other things:

-It’s 5 a.m., and we’re lying in bed, debating whether or not to get up and go to the gym: “Let’s do it. We’ll be champions.”
-Writing a 1,000-word story on deadline: “I will be champion.”
-Trying to avoid fried food and make healthy choices: “Champion.”

Example: Matt aiming to be a champion by reaching his step goal. Marvin also wanted to be a champion.
Example: Matt aiming to be a champion by reaching his step goal. Marvin also wanted to be a champion.

It’s working pretty well so far. But to be a true champion, I have to finish these Think Kit posts. ¡Vamos!

[Think Kit Dec. 21 prompt: Write a mantra for the year ahead – how you’ll approach it, what you wish it to be.]


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