food i’ve made recently

I’ve been on a cooking kick lately. Here are a few of my recent adventures:

Vanilla Chia Pudding

chia seed pudding

I’ve made it a few times and love it as a small but filling breakfast.

{Recipe: Sweet Sugar Bean}


Green Bean Curry with Peas and Cashews

green bean curry

I added carrots in one batch. This is super simple (only 5 ingredients) and flavorful.

{Recipe: Vegetarian Times}


Green Eggs, No Ham

green eggs

I do this from time to time: I put three eggs and a generous handful of spinach in my NutriBullet, then I scramble the mixture for breakfast (split between me and Matt). I like finding different ways to work greens into my meals.


Mango Black Bean Salad

mango and black bean salad

Only 5 ingredients. Spicy, easy and low-calorie.

{Recipe: Vegetarian Times}


Spinach Sandwich with Roasted Red Pepper and Hummus

spinach sandwich

This is one of those fridge-dump concoctions. I just made homemade hummus, had some fresh bread nearing its end and had a jar of roasted red peppers. I always have spinach, so I blanched about 8 ounces of it, sautéed it with some garlic and made a sandwich.
{Hummus recipe: Delicious Istanbul}


Tomato Risotto with Pine Nuts

tomato risotto

I just got a new 3-in-1 slow cooker, rice cooker and pressure cooker, and I’m still figuring it out. This risotto was really easy, but I overcooked it. (And I over-toasted the pine nuts.) Of course, I have 6 servings of it, and Matt and I split a serving and feel full — the mess ups always come in big batches, in my experience. Risotto fo’ DAYS.

{Recipe: Vegetarian Times}


Breakfast Quinoa Bowl

quinoa bowl

This was my favorite (and Matt’s) of my recent meals. The only downside to this as a breakfast is the quinoa takes a while to make (the recipe recommends stirring constantly, so there’s no multitasking to be had here). Note: I split the veggie-quinoa portion between two people but did an egg for each. It was more than enough food. I also might poach the eggs next time, since I didn’t think frying them added anything to the dish (except calories from the oil). Upside: I learned how to fry an egg — that’s right, I’m a newbie, so don’t judge my broken yolk too harshly.

{Recipe: Reclaiming Provincial}


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