i coulda been a cheerleader

[think kit. day fifteen.]

INDIANAPOLIS — Continuing my spree of belated posts: I conveniently did this one without knowing it. Here it is:

go milne go
You see, I’m a pretty cheerful and encouraging person. In fact, I considered being a cheerleader in high school, mostly because I’m very loud, and I wanted to continue with gymnastics to some extent. (I chose volleyball instead, where I put my yelling and team spirit to good use, I think. More than once, I received the teamwork award, which perfectly characterized my contributions to the team: non-athletic ones.)

Anyway, a few weeks ago, my friend was studying for a certification test and mentioned he needed some extra encouragement. I happily obliged, sending him a collection of selfies, in which I displayed an enthusiastic smile, often accompanied by a thumbs-up. In this picture, I hadn’t yet showered, but it was the day before his test, so I couldn’t let him down. I decided to cover most of my face with cheerful words, written in my signature sans-serif scribble.

He passed, by the way.
All me.
(Not really — he’s very smart.)

[Think Kit Dec. 15 prompt: Handwrite a _______. A tweet. A letter to a friend. Your signature font. What’s it look like? Take a picture of it!]


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