reasons i laugh

[think kit. day thirteen.]

*I started this post on Thursday, Dec. 13*

ELMHURST, Ill. — I laugh a lot. This is a well-known fact.

Several things have tickled my humorous this year. Matt and I are on our third time through “The Office” series. Dwight, you never cease to entertain me. Then there’s my dog, Marvin. He makes me laugh as much as he makes me want to rip my hair out. I also enjoy sending YouTube videos to my co-workers, specifically this one and this one.

But as far as funny things go, I have a winner in a trip I took to Portland, Ore., this year. I have three episodes for you:

Ellen and the Brussels Sprouts

Set the scene: I have spilled on myself about three times already at this point. I go to take a sip of my water and (yep) I spill on myself. I exclaim: “That is IT.”

“I’m so sorry,” the waitress muttered. Wait, what? Oh, no. I didn’t mean —

[Waitress scurries off in shame. I feel guilty.]

Continuing on: Ellen and I are vegetarians. We were at a wonderful vegetarian restaurant, where we ordered different meals. After taking a bite of her dish, she looked a bit confused.

“Try this,” she said. I took a bite.

“Oh, whoa.”

It was cold. It was supposed to be, but it would have been nice to put that on the menu. Not a pleasant surprise. Anyway, I had a delicious, warm meal, and I invited Ellen to share it, since her meal was so disappointing.

She had a bit. She went for a Brussels sprout.


The green ball shot across a few tables, just like you’d imagine it would in a movie.

I realize this isn’t as funny as I thought it was. But we laughed pretty hard in the moment.

Burpees on a Tree Stump

How large would a tree stump have to be for you to be able to do burpees on it? Large. Quite large. And with the help of my friends, I found it.

Photos of this exist, but I do not possess them. But because I was challenged, I gathered my strength and dignity right there on that tree stump and completed no fewer than seven burpees. It was brief, beautiful and hilarious.

Could You Explain That Like I’m an Idiot?

I didn’t date much before I got married. Rephrase: I married the first man I dated (Hi, Matt!). So when my friends talk about dating, I do my best to relate and provide encouragement, but I’m fairly certain I’m unhelpful. While listening to my friend Nicole talk about a guy she dated, I learned of the phrase “mansplaining.”

Mansplaining (v.): When a male, in the company of females or anyone he cares to impress, acts on his urge to explain everything from common-sense conclusions to current events, in an attempt to seem intelligent and masculine. This tactic rarely succeeds but often saves women from spending an unreasonable amount of time with idiot men.

Perhaps it’s because I didn’t date much, but I had not heard of mansplaining before this girls’ weekend. It’s an incredible term, which I plan to use often in the future.

The end.

Also, my dad makes me laugh a lot. More on that later.

[Think Kit Dec. 13 prompt: When did you laugh out loud? Share a funny or humorous story from this year.]


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