all i ate was banana bread

[think kit. day twelve]

*I started this post on Thursday, Dec. 13*

ELMHURST, Ill. — Yesterday was not a day for new things. Let’s back up a few days:

Monday, Dec. 9: Start of a new work week, at the end of which we planned to drive to my parents’ house for the weekend. We had a family tradition scheduled for Saturday.

Tuesday, Dec. 10: We found out our college friend and Matt’s fraternity brother Chris died from an infection after battling leukemia. We were stunned, upset and a little numb. We decided to go out and surround ourselves by cheerful people consuming copious amounts of craft beer, because our place was full of sadness. It helped a little. [Note: Matt wrote a wonderful piece about Chris a few days ago. You can read it here.]

Wednesday, Dec. 11: Following a fairly unproductive day, Matt and I decided we should head up to Chicago a day early so I could work Friday and still make the wake that evening.

Thursday, Dec. 12: I worked from home — lying down, actually, with a pulled muscle in my neck — and tried to pack as soon as I turned everything in for the day. Important thing to know: I would be going from Chicago to San Francisco on the 17th, then back to Chicago on the 21st and not back to Indiana till the 25th. That’s a lot of packing to do.

With all that on my plate, Thursday was a bit of a new experience, but not in a good way. I worked from my bed with six pillows propping me up, which felt pretty pathetic. When I got up, I made coffee and ate banana bread I had baked a few days prior. Got back in the bed and worked. Got up and let the dog out. Grabbed banana bread and refilled coffee. Back to work. Hungry — banana bread and more coffee.

You see, I wanted to finish the banana bread before leaving town, because it probably would have gone bad, and even if it didn’t, Matt probably wouldn’t have eaten it. Therefore, it was my responsibility to eat it. And eat it, I did. A whole third of a loaf.

In between bites of banana bread, I was doing a terrible job packing for two weeks out of town. By the time we left Indianapolis at 8ish p.m., I had consumed a day’s worth of calories from one food and I had a car full of stuff but not everything I needed.

And that was Thursday. It was certainly different.

[Think Kit Dec. 12 prompt: Try something totally different. Take a new route to work. Make up a new recipe. Shake up your routine. What did you come up with?]


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