realistic daydreams

[think kit. day nineteen.]

SAN FRANCISCO — Without limits, I would write more. I mean, I’d really create something — a novel or a memoir or a collection of short stories. Maybe I’d illustrate them with my simple drawing skills or crude diagrams.

When taking a break from writing, I’d collect memories. That is, I’d catch up on the scrapbooking I’ve been meaning to do for five years. If I were home right now, I’d post a picture of my office, a corner of which is full of crates containing loose photos, plane tickets and race bibs. It’s an embarrassing display of sentimentalism, hoarding and unrealized creativity.

I can’t sit still all the time, though, which is why I’d train for an Ironman. It’s a life goal, but in my hypothetical, nothing-is-impossible 2014, I’d achieve that life goal by age 25. Perhaps I’d run my first marathon in preparation for the Ironman, and I’d get to wrap myself in one of those fancy, shiny blankets after. I always wonder what those feel like. Weird, go know. It’s probably not that cool.

I’d also pick up the flute again. (Step One: Acquire flute. Step Two: Remember how to read music and play the flute.) I was pretty good at it when I was in grade school, and I was a weird kid who loved practicing. Being my dorky, unpopular self, I was the target of band bullies (trumpeters and saxophonists, mostly), and it made me so upset I quit band in seventh grade. I really loved it, though. I wish I had stuck with it, but what can I say? Middle schoolers really suck.

And I’d spend more time with friends and family. Play time with my niece, long bike rides with my fellow cycling enthusiasts, dinners with Mom and Dad and day trips with friends. My sister and I would experiment with healthy cooking and try out the latest fitness craze. Matt and I would travel among national parks, camping and taking hundreds of photos along the way.

I could daydream about this for hours.

But here’s the thing: People with jobs, families and boatloads of responsibilities do these things all the time. Maybe not all of these at once, but still, my life without limits is just a hodge-podge of normal. So why don’t I do even one of these things? Because I’m a nonsensical human being.

And on that cheerful note, I shall go to bed. Perhaps all this imagining will seep in and generate some pleasant dreams.

[Think Kit Dec. 19 prompt: If money, time or other commitments were no obstacle in 2014, what would you do? Describe your vision!]


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