behind on think kit

ELMHURST, Ill. — I have been exhausted for the last four days. Every morning, I woke up to a Think Kit email, made a few notes about what I’d like to write about and continued on with a terrible, tiring, busy day that left me begging for sleep, even as I wrote blog posts in my mind.

A friend died earlier this week, and we’ve all been trying to deal with it. That — the “dealing with it” thing — has gone OK, I guess, but I’m worn out.

Thursday, I worked, hastily packed bags and drove to Chicago. Friday, I worked, got ready for a wake for a 25-year-old, went there and spent time with friends. I then got little sleep before driving to his funeral the next morning (today) in a snow storm. There were tears, and hugs, and shots of Maker’s Mark, then laughter, lunch and hugs again. Matt and I went to a family event that was wonderful but difficult to enjoy. We came home, and I fell asleep watching the Blackhawks lose miserably. I just got off the couch and in bed for the night.

So that’s why I haven’t posted. The days have been long and weird, but I’ll be writing all the posts I missed, because I promised myself I would meet the 31-day blogging challenge no matter what. Life happens, life ends, and I’m trying to work with that.

Until tomorrow, friends. Good night.

A round of Maker’s Mark for Chris.

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