organs gone rogue

[think kit. day nine.]

INDIANAPOLIS — My best friend had a baby this year. We’re the same age, we got married in the same year and we have a lot of similar interests.

The fact that she had a baby didn’t surprise me that much. I saw her with her daughter and it seemed perfectly normal, but my internal reaction was a little more startling.

“Make babies! Make babies!” It’s like my ovaries were yelling at me. “Make babies!”

organs gone rogue

I didn’t have this reaction when my brother and sister-in-law had their daughter last year. So, what, I’m married now and I automatically want to reproduce? It’s nonsense. Utter nonsense, I tell you. Pish posh, ovaries. You have no control over me.

“Make babies!”

Shut up.

For the record, I want kids (which you can clearly see in the stick-person future I drew a few days ago). We’re those weirdos with a bunch of name combinations picked out and all that stuff, but at the moment, we can barely handle a dog. {Aside: We’ve started a new training program with Marvin that involves tethering him to either me or Matt all hours of the day, unless it’s bed time or we’re not home. It feels slightly crazy, but then again, so is Marvin.}

We have plans. There are milestones and goals to meet and checklists to complete before we bring tiny humans into the world. Regardless of said planning and my killer organization skills, I’ve had to talk myself out of babies on more than one occasion this year.

Normally, I like surprises. An attempted coup d’état led by my reproductive system? Not OK. Get a hold of yourself down there.

[Think Kit Dec. 9 prompt: What completely surprised you this year? Was it good…or not so good? Tell us a story!]


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