i drew a picture of my future

[think kit. day seven.]

INDIANAPOLIS — This is my life: I live in Indy with my husband, Matt, and our dog, Marvin. I write about personal finance for Credit.com, and I am an online marketing manager for a company called DietBetter. When we’re not working, Matt and I love to ride bikes, go walking or running, have dinner with friends, read, take up personal projects and watch shows on Netflix. We have some family close by, but others are far away, and many of our closest friends do not live near us. Still, we love family time when we can have it, and it has been wonderful meeting new people and joining social circles in Indianapolis.

My life looks like this:


And it’s pretty fantastic.

What do I want my life to look like in the future? I don’t really know, but here are some things I expect to be in the picture:

  1. Me and Matt. Matt is my constant, and there’s nothing better than that. Happy face.
  2. A dog. There will always be a dog.
  3. Kiddos. Maybe two or three. We’ll see.
  4. Family. We’ll never all be in the same place, but we’ll stay together in other ways.
  5. Enjoyable employment. We’ve got that now, and it would be nice if our careers continued in a similar manner.
  6. A big city. We’re city people. If we could live without a car someday, that would be glorious.
  7. A home in that big city. Because then Marvin would destroy things we actually own. Also, I want the ability to make a place completely ours.
  8. A book. I think I’d like to write a book someday.
  9. Bikes. We’ll have bikes, the kids will have bikes, and we will ride bikes together until the end of time. Bikes are awesome.
  10. Laughter. This shouldn’t be difficult — I mean, I’m hilarious — but it needs to stay a priority. What the hell kind of miserable life would we have if no one spit out a drink, gasped for breath or cried because they were laughing too hard? I want no part in such a world.

So I guess I want my life to look like this:


There’s room for improvement, but that works as a rough draft. After all, stick figures have no place in a final draft. I’m not that artistically challenged.

[Think Kit Dec. 7 prompt: What do you want your life (or your kitchen, your job, your ____ ) to look like? Create your own inspiration board. Sketch it, collage it or do it your own way.]


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