october voted ‘best month’

[think kit. day two.]


INDIANAPOLIS — People have named October the best month of the year, according to a survey released today. When given the choice of all 12 months, 21.4% of respondents said they favored October and all its crisp, autumnal glory. September, with 14.3% of the vote, came in second, and December took third at 11.9%.

The poll was an embarrassment to the late winter months January and February, each with a paltry showing of 2.3%. Mid-summer months performed miserably, as well, with few expressing any appreciation for July or August.

The data was drawn from the responses of 42 individuals, mostly Midwestern Americans, and the margin of error was not specified. While the survey may not be representative of global opinion, let alone any population, its results are significant.

The poll, meticulously conducted by way of Facebook, Twitter and face-to-face interrogations, supports the notion that February should be booted from the calendar, an idea that has been gaining traction for decades. Furthermore, it puts to rest the hotly debated issue of season superiority. As noted by the poll responses, fall is the best, followed by spring, and while summer seems OK, winter is just the worst — specifically, January and February.

As if Valentine’s Day and its measly 28 days weren’t enough of a reason to look down upon February, there’s the gloomy, slushy nastiness that has plagued the month since the beginning of time. Despite trying to redeem itself every four years with Leap Day, a cruel calendar trick disguised as a holiday, February is officially terrible, as determined by the citizens of the world.

Bow down, February, you pathetic, cold, gray month. Bow down to the 31 days of perfection that is October.

[Think Kit Dec. 2 prompt: Take a poll and share the results. Is there something you’ve been curious about? A decision you’re struggling with? Ask the crowd, and report back on what the results might mean.]


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