a return to the midwest

After a year in Florida, I came across a great opportunity with The Society of Professional Journalists and have moved back to my home territory. It’s not “home-home,” but I’m among family, friends and the four seasons I love so much.

I found leaving Florida to be exciting and sad. I already miss the co-workers and friends that made this last year so memorable, and my fiancé stayed behind to continue working until an opportunity in Indy arises. But the farewell from work was fantastic: AP and New York Times style cupcakes (my nerdy specialty), peanut butter-chocolate brownie heaven from a co-worker, ice cream cake (I guess they noticed my love of chocolate) and some kind and funny words. I’m happy to have made people smile and laugh during my time in Florida. They certainly did the same for me.

My AP and New York Times style cupcakes.

An indication that I missed the Midwest: Upon entering Indiana, I looked out the window and exclaimed, “Oo corn!” I’m sure I’ve never been happy to see a cornfield before.

Among the corn is this metropolis in which I’ll need to set up a nest for me and Matt. I’m staying with my gracious sister- and brother-in-law-to-be, but I’ll be searching for my own necessities soon: an apartment, a gym, good vegetarian restaurants, and more mundane things like doctors, pharmacies and go-to grocery stores. I hope to have an exciting setup by the time Matt arrives. And then it’s wedding time in Chicago — we marry in just less than four months.


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